How To Succeed A Niche Every Time


You may well know how to drive, but when it comes time to niche, you panic. Especially when there is a line of cars waiting to pass behind you! The pressure is at its height. As a result, you lose your means and you no longer know how to succeed in a niche ... Fortunately, here is the trick revealed by a bus driver to succeed in a niche every time.

By following these few simple instructions, you will see that niche is not that complicated. As a recent poll by YouGov shows, 43% of men and 61% of women in France tend to lose all their means at the idea of ​​making a niche in the city.

Succeeding in a niche is probably the most difficult maneuver to do in a car. Do not be ashamed to read, how to do it, a lot of people are in the same situation.

Get about 50-70 centimeters from the car (pictured in blue) which will be in front when you park. Make sure you have your bumper parallel with the other car and point your wheels towards the curb.

Back up, always keeping your wheels turned. When the vehicle's license plate (pictured in red) on your back becomes visible in your left mirror go to step three.