How To Water Your Plants Without Wasting Water or Energy


Watering plants is a crucial time for the success of any type of crop. Indeed, a good amount of water allows plants to develop at their best during all phases of their growth. If they are given too much water, their roots can be damaged, as can the stems and foliage which could become moldy. On the other hand, if they do not receive enough water, they may dry out and die in a short time.

This technique eliminates the need to manually water your potted plants or buried plants, including the vegetable patch, for several days. This will allow you to go on vacation or for a weekend, without having to ask a friend or neighbors to water your plants.

It is the impermeability of plastic that is exploited here , using bottles and other plastic containers like reservoirs, condensers and automatic sprinklers.
It sounds complicated, but in reality it only takes 5 minutes to set up this sprinkler system.

So here is a great technique for watering your plants without wasting water.

1) Plastic bottles for watering