Making a Home Dehumidifier


Is your house damp? too wet? and you want to fix this problem? The best idea would be to make a dehumidifier, it's really very simple!

You are right because too much humidity equals the appearance of mold which can be dangerous for your health and for your walls.

Here is how to make a dehumidifier at home. Thus, you will avoid one more purchase for the maintenance of your home!

-1 1.5 liter plastic water bottle.
-100 g of coarse salt .
-10 drops of lavender essential oil (optional).
- Cotton .
-1 compress .
-2 rubber bands .
-1 cutter.
-1 scissors .

To start, cut the top of the plastic bottle 3/4 off. Then, circle the neck with the compress and fix it with the rubber bands. Place a few cotton balls in the bottom of the bottle and pour lavender essential oil over them. Fit the part with the neck in the part with the bottom as for the wasp traps with the midges. Finally, pour the salt in the part with the neck and all you have to do is place your dehumidifier where it is needed.