The Foolproof Tip to Make Suction Cups Never Fall Out

First of all, know that the cleaner the surface you are going to hang your suction cup on, the longer your suction cup will last. To clean this surface, use alcohol vinegar. Also remember to clean the suction cup with alcohol vinegar.

To be absolutely sure it will hold up, here's what you need to do. Take a bowl of water, pour in a tablespoon of salt and mix. Then submerge your suction cups in salt water , wait a few seconds and you just have to hang them directly on the wall.

There you go! your suction cups hold perfectly. This trick works on all smooth surfaces and even poor quality suction cup hooks will stick well to your walls.

However, if they are badly damaged and the salt water is not effective, the most durable solution to ensure that your suction cups never fall out is to use silicone on the part. adherent as a glue.

Why are the suction cups falling?

By hanging a suction cup on a rough surface, the air enters it little by little and the atmospheric pressure becomes identical to that present outside. As a result, the suction cup ends up falling. That's why it's best to put it on a smooth surface and make sure both surfaces are clean.