This Is How Burglars Get Into Our Home and 11 Ways To Avoid It


If on your way home, when you are looking for the keys in your pocket or in your bag, you see something strange on your windows or your door, it is surely because your house has been visited. by burglars, who unfortunately knew how to get in.

This is a technique that is now recognized all over the world: burglars make a hole in the door and, using a long and narrow tool (usually a screwdriver), they manage to trigger the door lock. But this is only one method among many ...

According to recent research, burglaries have doubled in the past 10 years . This is shattering data that should put us on alert. This is why it is necessary to protect yourself with everything you have available. And who could reveal the mistakes people make when it comes to home security better than burglars?

So we looked for an interesting study by a team from the University of North Carolina of 422 prisoners accused of theft . The data has shown which strategies are used the most and the best ways to protect yourself against them.

There you go, 11 ways to prevent burglars from entering your home.

1) Watch out for social networks

Burglars have adapted to modern society and exploit your habits to their advantage. Obviously, among these habits is also the tendency to continually update one's own profile , communicating each trip or trip.

It's so easy for bad guys to know when you're home or on vacation. Note that 78% of English burglars consult social networks before carrying out an "attack". So avoid telling everyone where you are!

2) Double the trustworthy people

Although many people do, it's not a good idea to leave the key under the doormat , in a flower vase, or above a window. These are the first places burglars control .

It is better to give duplicate keys to a trustworthy person, to friends or to a relative, who can go and check the situation in your household at any time.

3) Leave appliances on stand-by

This recommendation is valid for those who have last generation meters , able to indicate when the electric current has been cut. It would be good to leave the power connected and an appliance on standby (even if it consumes a little, it is a protection for your home) so that the indicator light of the meter, always in sight of all, is on. This will make it harder to think that you are not at home.

4) Have a tidy garden

This may sound like silly things to you, but a tidy and tidy garden might work better than an alarm . Indeed, very large hedges can be used as a hiding place or the branches of a tree, which have not been pruned, could facilitate the entry of the burglars by the window.