Brown spots on hands: 10 remedies to remove them naturally


Our hands, in addition to being always in action, are exposed to the cold, the sun and the various daily aggressions, most of the time without protection. Yet our hands deserve the greatest care.

First indicators of advancing age, they see the appearance of age spots which are one of the signs of excess melanin synthesis, linked to aging, sometimes premature, and aggravated by too much exposure to the sun. Unlike the phenomenon of tanning which results in a uniform tan, in this case, melanin accumulates in certain places, giving rise to colored spots, the brown spots .

Cosmetic or dermatological treatments that fight against brown spots on the hands are more and more effective, but the best way remains prevention and natural daily care.

However, dark spots do not have any consequences on health, but they often pose an cosmetic problem . So here, in the rest of this article, 10 tips to remove them naturally .

1. Prevent the appearance of age spots on the hands