The Washing Machine: 6 Secrets To Keep It Always Clean


You have always used super-efficient products; but lately your clothes are no longer impeccable? Maybe it's not the laundry problem, it's the washing machine. If it isn’t completely clean, the clothes won’t be clean, too.

Over time, the efficiency of this appliance can be put to the test due to the possible residues of water, dirt, soap and lime which tend to accumulate inside the drum , on the gaskets, in the filter and in the drain pipe. Washing machine maintenance is very important and can be done with simple natural remedies .

The first step is the internal drum cleaning , which can be done by scheduling a wash with water and coarse salt every month, even at low temperatures. To eliminate bacteria, you can replace the salt with two liters of white vinegar (or cider), to put directly into the drum with a spoon of baking soda.

So what are the other tips to properly maintain your washing machine? Let's find out:

1) Clean the window