The Original Tip For Having A Fresh Toilet


In the toilet tanks one can find some really surprising things. You can see, for example, bricks or plastic bottles to save water or white vinegar which is used for cleaning. But in some houses the reservoir can hide even more amazing things.

To save some effort on cleaning this area, but above all to keep the toilet cool for a long time, you can put a tube of toothpaste in the tank. This simple trick saves some money on cleaning products and the effects last for about a month.

-A tube of mint toothpaste
-A needle, push pin or pin

1. Buy the cheapest toothpaste you can find in the supermarket. By need to take a mark knowing how you will use it.

2. Pierce the toothpaste over the entire surface of the tube . You have to make a lot of holes or make holes big enough to be sure that the trick will work as it should.