Hugs: The 10 Greatest Health Benefits


The hug is a gesture of affection that has great beneficial power, both for the mind and for the body.

You take a friend, a family member, a partner or even a stranger in your arms for the most diverse reasons: to thank, to show your presence in a difficult moment, to demonstrate your love, your friendship. silvo-therapy can also work: have you ever tried to hug a tree? The sensation it conveys is simply unique!

The hug is an essential gesture and represents the first moment of contact between mother and baby, immediately after birth: this is why it is so important to us.

The beneficial effects of this gesture are so obvious that there are now many associations which have decided to pay tribute to them and to make them known, all over the world. Hugging enthusiasts are known the world over for their Free Hugs posters. What are the most beneficial effects of hugs ?

1) Rejuvenate