A strange structure discovered under the Antarctic ice...

Recently an internet user discovered a strange structure that seemed to come out from under the ice of the Antarctic continent... In early December 2019, a strange shape was found in a lost area of the continent. The coordinates of this formation are 72°35'13″S 31°19'09″E .

In the middle of the snow we see a curious black shape protruding from the snow. It was estimated to be about 100 meters long. We see what could look like tubes or protruding outgrowths of an elongated part.

It is hard to know what we are dealing with. Some people think it is an extraterrestrial device that has been damaged in the ice. Others hypothesize that it is the upper part of a building that was built millions of years ago by an advanced civilization.

The area seems quite steep and we could be dealing with simple rocks. With the melting of the ice, many anomalies could appear. This kind of cyclopean structure could make us think of Lovecraft's tales of parading buried cities built by unknown beings.
Without more detailed pictures, it will be difficult to conclude. Nothing really makes it possible to determine what we are dealing with. What do you think ?