Here is the reason why you should never reuse your plastic bottle!


We all do it: we buy a bottle of water from the dispenser and, once consumed, we re-use it by refilling it at the tap for several days or even weeks - a gesture that seems quite harmless, but it does not fail. have health consequences!

A nest of bacteria

Filling the plastic bottle with water promotes the growth of bacteria. According to Health magazine, it takes 20 times more bacteria than a dog's bowl and 100 times more than a toilet. So you have to think twice before filling your bottle…

An unsuitable container

The plastics used for bottles are not dangerous if used once, but they can be. The packaging can emit poisonous substances that leak into the water, especially if the bottles are exposed to sunlight. In addition, plastic packaging is marked with a number next to the word "recyclable" (the green triangle). If the number 3 or 7 is indicated, it means that the packaging may emit these unwanted substances. Let's avoid this!