Defrosting the Freezer: 5 Little Tips To Do It The Natural Way


Defrosting the freezer is essential to ensure the proper functioning of the appliance and to keep the food it contains as well as possible.

Excess ice is a big problem. This reduces the space available inside the freezer and hinders proper operation. As a result, the stored food could no longer be edible and the energy expenditure of the appliance could increase considerably. Too often forgotten, defrosting should be done at least once a year if the ice layer is not too thick.

Otherwise, it is necessary to defrost at least twice a year, in summer and in winter. This is especially valid for all freezers that do not have an auto-defrost system.

To simplify the work, it is always advisable to defrost the freezer before the layer of ice exceeds a thickness between 5 mm and 1 cm. Here are 4 tips to do it correctly and easily.

1) The Ninja Technique: Simple and Effective

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