How to Refresh Your Apartment Rooms


Are you stifling in the heat? Do not wait until September to finally be able to spend cool nights! Watch how to refresh the rooms in your apartment.

The most important thing is to never let the sun's rays get into your home . So close your shutters, leaving them slightly ajar so as not to block the draft that you will create by leaving your windows open. Block them with a chair or an old rag to prevent them from slamming and do the same with the doors between rooms. Now place a bottle of frozen water on the windowsill where the air draws into the room you want to cool. The freshness of the frozen bottle will cool the hot air entering your home. Alternatively, if you have a fan, you can put a bottle of frozen water in front of it. This is very effective for refreshing your bedroom before going to bed.

If the heat is really stifling, you can also stretch damp fabrics across the windows. The air is thus refreshed with the passage of each air current. If you have plants, consider humidifying them so that they diffuse a little freshness.

And now you know how to refresh the rooms of your apartment by a few degrees!