Children: 10 Rules To Make Them Obey Without Screaming


How many times have you not yelled at your children? Educating them well without losing patience is surely the most difficult task for good parents. No one has superpowers or a manual with the perfect instructions for educating children, but it is true that you can achieve a good educational outcome if you change the behavior of adults.

The first fundamental rule is to remember that setting an example is of fundamental importance for children to follow the rules . It is therefore important that words accompany the facts. The bans are not a limit but a help in directing them in the right direction.

Educating children without shouting is possible and it is not mandatory to raise your voice to correct their behavior. A firm attitude and a determined look will be enough to be heard.

Let's discover, in the rest of this article, the 10 rules to be obeyed by children without screaming.

1) Change communication