Hanging out the laundry: 8 tips for doing it better


Some of the daily household chores we do often seem unimportant to us, but they are crucial. Hanging out the laundry is surely in the top 5 of these.

Each time the washing machine finishes its wash cycle, we pick up the clothes and walk towards the clothes line to hang out. Otherwise there is the tumble dryer which allows you to avoid this step, but still too few families allow themselves this luxury.

Generally speaking, everyone knows what it means to hang out the laundry. But how many of us really know how to do it? There are tips that can speed up drying and make ironing easier. Some of them may seem stupid to you, but you will find that the results will blow your mind!

So let's see, step by step, what the golden rules are for hanging out your laundry to speed up ironing!

1) Sheets, jeans and shirts