Hanging out the laundry: 8 tips for doing it better

Let's start with the bedding. The sheets should be folded in four, with one side sticking out. Spread your sheets well to avoid folds, because it's still not great fun to lie in a crumpled bed! To do this, place them between the wires of the clothes horse or balcony so that the air can circulate more easily. On windy days, the sheets will dry in less than two! As for the jeans, you have to extend them by the waist, with darts. Finally, the shirts should be hung by the collar, also with clips. Try to place the pliers inside the collar, so that any folds are hidden.

2) T-shirts, socks and pants

Cotton T-shirts, especially if they have a slightly high collar, can warp . Stretching them incorrectly can contribute to lengthening or widening them. It is therefore better to place them on a hanger , to prevent them from losing their shape.
socks are very delicate: the clips must be put on the tip, to prevent them from fraying. The pants must be hung from the waist, so that any traces left by the darts remain well hidden.

3) Sweaters, skirts and bras

To avoid warping our soft and warm wool sweaters , try leaving them to dry on a flat surface. Indeed, wool takes shape quickly and, if you lay it on a thread, there will inevitably be marks. Skirts should be hung at the waist or hem if they are out of step, diagonal, or crimped. bras must be hung from the straps.

4) A table to hang your socks

Do you know when, in every wash, you end up with only one sock out of two and only find your twin several washes later? To speed up the reunion of the two socks, you can create a table to hang your socks. An easy, original, creative but also very practical solution! Let's see what we need to make it: a small board, four wooden clips, and wood glue. All you need to do is attach the clips to the board with wood glue, and hang your lonely socks on them!

5) Shake the laundry

These last few tips can save you from boring hours of ironing . If the fold is done right, your clothes won't even need to be ironed! But another important preliminary operation: shake your laundry vigorously , so as to relax the tissues subjected to the stress of the centrifuge. If these are fabrics like linen or cotton, which tend to wrinkle a lot, give them a good shake two or three times to make sure the creases get better when drying in the sun.

6) Save space

If you don't have much room to hang out your laundry, you should follow this tip. Hang your t-shirts upside down and open to allow air to circulate inside. The garment dries much faster. Hang both ends of the t-shirt on two threads instead of one to save space. And there you have it, you've saved space and your clothes will dry faster.

7) No to laundry on the radiator

Nothing is worse than drying clothes on a radiator. They deteriorate and can develop mold. It is even better to let them dry in a well ventilated room. Hanging wet laundry directly on a radiator is very dangerous if it is too close. Be careful because there is still too much fire due to this during the winter.

8) Tumble dryer: a bad idea?

A lot of people dry almost nothing in the dryer for several reasons: it damages the clothes, the laundry comes out much more wrinkled than when it is stretched out on a thread and finally, it reduces the consumption of a quantity of non-negligible daily electrical energy.

There you have it, you know how to hang the laundry perfectly!