Eggs: Should You Keep Them In The Fridge Or Not?


Every time we arrive at the supermarket in front of the egg department, a question arises: should we keep them in our fridge?

In fact, eggs found in supermarkets are displayed outside the refrigerator, especially in the summer to prevent excessive temperature changes that could break the shell. This location is common, especially in Europe and, therefore, in France. While in the United States, it is much more common to find eggs in the refrigerator.

So, does this difference really change the quality of the product?

The importance of the type of farm

Between the United States and Europe, there are some differences, particularly in the type of operation . In France, floor farms are preferred because the hens are free to move around in a fairly large space. In the United States, on the other hand, these birds are raised on intensive farms where they live in much smaller areas. Hence the need for the United States to keep their eggs in the refrigerator.