Sprouted Potatoes: Are They Edible?


We find it everywhere and it is one of the foods we eat most often and in different ways. We buy them in large quantities and store them for a long time, thanks to their low cost and their ability to keep for a long time.

However, where they are kept is important - it must be a dry, cool and poorly lit place, otherwise they could germinate . But, if that happens, can we still eat potatoes ?

The rate of solamine is the most important

It is appropriate to make an introduction and to provide some explanation on an important element contained in the skin of the potato . As just mentioned, its skin contains solanine which has the task of protecting the tuber against fungi and parasites that may affect it. This alkaloid works like this: Solanine increases if the potatoes are not stored properly and makes them germinate faster.

Are sprouted potatoes edible?