Puffy or swollen face: causes and remedies to deflate it in a short time


How many times have you woken up in the morning with a puffy face? The same can also happen at the end of the day, when the face is particularly tired.

When this is not related to any pathology, it is often a transient phenomenon , due to water retention, poor hydration, a sleepless night or even to stress. In these cases, it is possible to resort to natural remedies , simple and effective, to deflate the face in a short time.

Let's see how to deflate the face with the right treatments.

Causes of swollen face

A swollen face, or facial edema , can have several causes. It may be due to pathological factors such as kidney failure, malignant tumors, heart failure, obesity, hyperthyroidism, but it can also be caused by transient factors such as insomnia, pregnancy , stress, allergies, sinusitis, dental abscesses and mumps. However, in most cases, a swollen face is caused by water retention.