Anxiety: How To Fight It With 5 Natural Remedies

To regain calm, promote relaxation and bring stress and anxiety levels back to normal, so-called "conscious" breathing is necessary. During the inhalation phase, first fill the stomach and then the chest and do the opposite during the exhalation. It is also imperative to be focused on your breathing, so as to neutralize anxiety.

2) Magnesium bath

Magnesium is a mineral salt that can provide significant benefits to the body. It fights sleep disorders , soothes joint pain and promotes relaxation . It is precisely thanks to this last benefit that it is advisable to take a good hot magnesium bath. This is done by dissolving 100 grams of magnesium sulfate powder in hot water. You can add essential oils to make the bath even more relaxing.

3) Passionflower herbal tea

Passionflower is a medicinal plant which produces a calming effect and reduces all symptoms associated with an anxiety state. It is no coincidence that it is widely used in herbal medicine to combat problems with the central nervous system. To prepare this herbal tea, we recommend infusing, for at least fifteen minutes, two teaspoons of dried passionflower in a cup of boiling water. This dried plant is readily available at any herbalist's store.

4) Bach flowers

Bach flowers are a floral essence that can be useful in better managing anxiety. Although this remedy does not cause any side effects, it is still advisable not to prolong its use over time, but to use it for acute anxiety attacks . Bach flowers, in the form of drops, should be poured into a glass of water. They can be taken safely by pregnant women and children.

5) A compress of red clay granules

Since it has been shown that there is a link between digestive system disorders and anxiety , the remedy of the clay compress on the tummy could be helpful in combating both of these disorders. Red clay is an anti-inflammatory substance capable of awakening the energy potential of the body . After making this compress of red clay granules, it should be applied to the stomach for at least thirty minutes. Then, it is advisable to remove the poultice in the shower, it will be easier.