Insomnia: How To Make Soporific Ointment in 4 Steps

The ointment you need will be made with several ingredients, but this will guarantee you a really good quality product. You will need: 250 ml of coconut oil, 250 ml of grape seed oil, 250 g of beeswax.

You will also need 4 essential oils:
lavender which acts as an anti- stress;
orange which is relaxing;
cedar tree which puts the mind to sleep
vetiver , which calms and relaxes the nerves.
You will find these oils in a herbalist's shop or on amazon.

2) Procedure

Combine coconut oil, grape seed oil and beeswax and place them in a glass or plastic container. Put it in your microwave to melt the mixture, but don't leave it on for more than a minute. Take out the container and let it cool for a while, as it will be very hot, be careful not to burn yourself. At this point, add the 4 essential oils and mix. Store your preparation in the refrigerator until it has solidified.

3) How to use it

At this point, all that's left is to try this ointment. You can use it this way: before going to bed, take some ointment between your fingers, heat it with the heat of your hands to melt it and use it on sensitive areas: under your feet , on your wrists , on your temples , behind your ears and on your chest >. All this while practicing a light circular massage.

4) Conservation

This ointment is made without preservative, so its duration will be limited. Use it every night, both to check its effectiveness, and to finish it quickly. To figure out if it's no longer usable, just sniff it. Usually oils will start to go rancid after a while, and this is noticeable by the strong odor they produce. Another tip is to halve the dosage of ingredients if you think you aren't going to use all of them.